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It is a sad fact that workers still die in this country caused solely by the job they are employed to do often at the expense of making a few more pounds profit, says GMB. [...]
Union writes to Conservative Minister who promised to look into historic miscarriage of justice but has since remained silent. [...]
Ambulance staff bitten, stabbed and have blood spat at them in barrage of more than 14,000 physical assaults since 2012. [...]
Today’s scandalous figures are more proof Theresa May’s Government has completely and utterly failed to tackle insecure work. [...]
Private Member’s Bill to protect emergency workers returns to Parliament on Friday and must cover sexual assaults, says union. [...]
Shipyards in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea and Spain now eyeing up critical defence contract, GMB investigation reveals. [...]
Game Of Thrones is the highest grossing TV series in the world – which costs £10million per episode to make - and they are paying nothing more than poverty wages says GMB. [...]
We weren’t born yesterday; we can see that this is an attempt to cut back on the hard won rights of university staff says GMB. [...]
3,213 secretly blacklisted construction workers and environmentalists deserve to know exactly what role the police played says GMB. [...]
Get Sizewell Built
It’s an absolute no brainer that Britain will need at least six new nuclear plants says GMB. [...]

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National News
  • Mass Rally Against School Cuts
    Schools all over the UK are feeling the harsh bite of Tory cuts – and nowhere are the cuts biting deeper than Birmingham says GMB. […]